Short animated film: "Engineering the Climate?"

(German version also available)

The IASS, together with the Climate Media Factory, have produced this short animated film on climate engineering. The film is targeted at a younger audience, predominantly pupils, and other interested lay persons with a basic understanding of climate change, but no background in climate engineering. The film is meant to introduce to the topic, to highlight its ambivalent status between hopes and risks, and to spark further discussion.

Katherine Houghton on the regulation of CE in international law

Interview by Paola Adriázola

Vivian Scott on CO2 storage in subterranean reservoirs

Interview by Paola Adriázola

Harald Stelzer on the role of ethics and philosophy in CE research

Interview by Paola Adriázola (only available in German)

Harald Ginzky on the need to regulate Climate Engineering

Interview by Paola Adriázola & Irina Comardicea (German version also available)

Tim Kruger on the termination effect

Interview by Irina Comardicea

Olivier Boucher on defining CE techniques

Interview by Irina Comardicea

Mark Lawrence on ocean iron fertilization

Interview by Paola Adriázola & Irina Comardicea

Gregor Betz on EuTRACE, philosophy and the role of argument maps

Interview by Paola Adriázola

Naomi Vaughan on an introduction to CE

Interview by Paola Adriázola