Aims of the Project

Climate Engineering (CE) is rapidly gaining scientific, political, commercial, and public attention as a possible response to climate change. The project “European Trans-disciplinary Assessment of Climate Engineering” (EuTRACE) was formed to compliment other national and international assesments of CE, in particular through providing a distinctly European perspective that draws upon contributions from a range of scientific and non-expert stakeholders.

The aims of EuTRACE are:

  1. To pool top independent experts engaged in CE and climate change research across Europe to develop a next-generation assessment of (and assessment criteria for) the potential, uncertainties, risks and implications of various CE options;
  2. To actively engage in dialogue with the policy makers, the public and other stakeholders to disseminate information about CE in response to their concerns and perspectives and incorporate these into the assessment;
  3. To outline policy options and pathways for the EU and its partners to address the challenges CE poses;
  4. To identify the most important gaps in current understanding of CE.

14 partner organizations from Germany, the UK, Norway, France and Austria, ranging from the natural sciences & engineering, social sciences and the humanities joined forces to address these questions.